Share A Doll Quilt You've Made

From the book  Collecting American Country.
After I saw this picture I bought a copy of the book at Amazon.

Have you made a doll quilt you'd like to share?  Please upload ONE image of a quilt you've made below and enter a link to your blog, website or online picture album.  It's fine if your item is for sale, but it doesn't have to be for sale.  Click the blue letters that say "click here to enter" and you choose a picture to upload and then have the opportunity to add a link to your site.

Please note -  If your picture doesn't upload please send it to me via email at northdixie AT   I'll load it on.   Thanks for sharing, everyone!


  1. I'm so happy to see people sharing their doll quilts! :-) Keep them coming!

  2. So sorry Dixie :( I tried to upload a photo of my quilt but somehow it isn't showing up. I'm not sure how to go about deleting my entry and starting over so maybe you can delete it on your end? And I promise...the next time I try this I will have my daughter help me!

  3. Hi - try again later. It might not be you.

  4. How great! What a delicious photo of dollie quilts! The ones w/ the odd shape, was the 'flap' to go over the dolls head? Oooo Like i need to start anoth item to collect!!!!!!! Dang! These are beautiful!

  5. I think the flap was to go over the end of the bed so thtat the bed frame posts would go in the corners. :-)

  6. sorry Dixie, I did something wrong and now I have two uploads. I don't know how to remove one, maybe you can help.

    I love your blog.

  7. Hi, Lucy - I'm so glad you added a quilt. :-) I deleted the extra entry. All good.



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