An Artist's Journey

An Artist's Journey will be a Maida Today staple for the future featuring interviews with artists. People come at doll making through many paths. Some people discover dollmaking as an extension of sculpting. Others come to dollmaking through a love of all things old, and not being able to afford all the Izannah Walker dolls they'd like to have. ;-) And still others discover dollmaking as an extension of another craft - quilting or rughooking, for example.

As an artist and doll maker, I enjoy reading about other artists, their work and how they came to be a doll maker. I have several doll makers in mind already. But if you have suggestions of people you'd like to read about, please email me.

And, I decided what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, so I answered some of the questions myself on my own blog here. ~ Dixie

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