Inspiration: More Sculpted Hair

Martha Chase doll? Very small....

For some inspirational fun,
I've added more pictures of dolls
with sculpted hair.

And above is a doll I made a year or so ago,
inspired by a papier mache doll. I used a
pumpkin carving tool to make the hair.

~ Dixie Redmond

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  1. oh, what little lovelies!

    and to think, they never have to worry about having a bad hair day.

    Each morning when they wake up, their hair is perfection!

  2. Yes! Isn't that the truth. It's kind of why I avoid using wool or hair on my dollies. I've seen what can happen to those antique dolls once they get thrown into a flea market box :-)

  3. I love sculpted hair on a doll. While I like the look of 'hair', I find when I make one, chances are at some point in the near future, it's going to get thrashed. If it's sculpted, it'll never happen, plus it's just so much easier to style and control than wigmaking.

  4. Dear Dixie
    This is great!!
    Thanks so much for all your effort and for each page from this blog. Your work is an inspiration for me!!

    Maria del Valle

  5. I just noticed this post! Thanks for all of the inspiration, Dixie. I've been using my daughter's tiny plastic My Little Pony comb to sculpt paper clay hair. So professional!

  6. And now we'll all be over at Toys R Us buying My Little Pony combs. ;-)


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