The Girls' Own Toy Maker, 1860

While browsing through Google Books I found this lovely book called The Girls' Own Toy-maker, which was written by E. Landells and his daughter Alice Landells, published in 1860. The book is filled with things that a girl could make with her own hands using cloth, paper and cardboard. Below are instructions for making a circle of "Dancing Dolls", which would be lovely as a paper silhouette taped around the glass for a large hurricane glass with a candle in it.

But there's more that will interest Maida Today readers. Pages 58-77 gives detailed instructions for "How to Dress a Doll." Here are some of the wonderful pictures taken from that section of the book. Other parts of the book have detailed instructions for making doll furniture and doll houses from cardboard. These designs could be easily translated to balsa wood for making an antique inspired doll house.

You can go here to download the book,
which is in public domain.

Enjoy ~ Dixie

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  1. What a fun book! Thanks for the link, Dixie!

  2. Wow This looks Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi all
    Thank You for the book link Dixie!
    I set it to print yesterday when I left and came home to a wonderful, big book! Now to fugure a way to bind it.
    My Mom used to re-bind books for the library, and she said they used a glue called Bookbinders glue...They set the pages down on the "gluey" spine and held them for a minute or so and the glue grabbed...GRRRIIIPPP might work. It glues everything!
    Hugs, Judi

  4. It IS a fun book. It would be so fun to make a cardboard village, or a doll house using the designs in the book. Fun to pull out in preparation for Christmas. And the papercutting designs are beautiful (although I'm not sure I have the patience for it).


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