Inspiration: Sculpted Hair

Truth be told as a child I liked dolls well enough, but I was more into playing role playing games with the neighborhood kids - usually a version of "Pioneer" where we met with disaster of some kind of another and had to find a way out. I fell into studying dolls as a result of loving old things first. The texture of age invites me into the story of the doll.

This papier mache doll above and below intrigues me. She was part of the Richard Wright Collection sold by the Skinner Auction company in October of 2009. I have been trying to figure out what inspires me about her. If I were going to make a doll inspired by her, here is what I find interesting:

Her round chunkiness speaks to me.
Someone with a sense of humor
paired these two dolls together.
They are the dolly version
of the Odd Couple.

Her face is simple and straight-forward
with the hint of a welcoming smile

And finally, her hair has a simplicity of style
yet the sculpted hair gives it a textural interest.

Maybe it's time to make
another doll with sculpted hair...
and a chunky physique...

~ Dixie Redmond

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  1. What a great doll, Dixie. She does have the sweetest little round face. I just read something that reminded me of you. It's by Lydia Richter, in China, Parian, and Bisque Dolls. She's talking about old doll clothes - "There lies a layer of dust over their 100 years existence, and so a wave of romanticism and nostalgia passes over us, and that is what we as collectors and preservers of old things, want to keep and pass on to other generations."

  2. She is a wonderful little dolly,Dixie.
    if I were to meet her and her pretty friend, I would be instantly drawn to her sweet chubbiness,her pleasant little face and those wonderful little leather hands.

    You have the most wonderful dolly photos. I love seeing them all.
    Thank you for sharing them.

    It's amazing to me how these dolls may have come from a mold in the beginning and yet they each have their own distinct little personages about them.

    I have an urge to kiss that little nose and pinch those chubby little cheeks.

  3. i adore this doll !!
    she really is just so sweet and precious.
    i love the little cracks and crazing and it just seems to bring her more to life.


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